I photographed Becky’s brothers wedding some years ago and when it came to her big day there was only one photographer that she wanted! Becky is a bundle of joy to be around and you can feel the love she has for Chris and that emotion was certainly there throughout the whole day.

Sandburn Hall | Yorkshire Wedding Photographer | Yorkshire Wedding Photography

I could see Becky getting more nervous as the morning went on, it is not everyday you get married but as a wedding photographer (and friend) I was able to give her a few words to keep her calm that everything would be ok. I could really feel the emotion as they saw each other for the first time at Sandburn Hall. It was no different for me when I got married, seeing my wife come down the stairs for us to be married started the tears for me and it was no different for Becky and Chris.

As Becky arrived at Sandburn Hall there was a massive thunderstorm with rolling thunder and heavy rain (just want Becky didn’t want!!). Between the showers we grabbed some photos and managed to get some photos in the gardens.

One of the nicest moments for me was to see a Facetime call between Becky and the Bridesmaid who didn’t make the day. Due to a mix up with US immigration her travel visa was not granted in time which left Becky one bridesmaid down. To see them chatting over the phone, and the tears of joy was a great moment. I hope some of these photos show the bridesmaid the day and the remaining photos will be in the Client Area very soon.

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We absolutely love the pictures, you guys are geniuses! We cant stop smiling for all the happy memories these pictures reflect. Cant wait to see the rest, love Becky xxx 🙂