I always knew Fiona was going to be wonderful to work with. She is a designer, a creative mind and from our first meeting together I knew her day would be amazing. At the first meeting she had so many ideas, styles, attention to detail was always going to be key for her. She loved my photos from the outset; we initially met at a wedding fair at Middleton Lodge and the journey started from there.

Papakata Wedding | Yorkshire Wedding | Festival Bride

Fiona loves the whole vintage, festival vibe and spent the lead up to her wedding at Glastonbury. It made perfect sense to get married and then to host the wedding breakfast and evening party in a Papakata tent. The day before the wedding was typical Glastonbury weather with lightening storms and some of the years highest amounts of rainfall. As the weather forecasters reported the remains of hurricane Bertha rapidly approaching the UK it left a one day weather window, that was the wedding day- how lucky!

The day was fantastic, I spent the full day with them to capture the full story of the day. I started off with the boys for a bacon and egg sandwich, washed down with a Peroni (nice mix!), then spent some time with Fiona and the bridesmaids leading up to the wedding. Fiona even borrowed a friends red VW campervan as her transport to the church. As she left for the church with her dad, she had the biggest smile on her face and full of excitement- that is Fiona.

The church wedding was in the village where they live and only a short walk for the guests to the cricket field where the Papakata tent was. With straw bales to sit on outside and an open bar with dimpled pint glass tankards the guests loved the reception.

James even did a little bit of singing with the band, when he took to the stage the dance floor was filled listening to him sing his favourite Oasis song. I have heard a rumour since the wedding that 8 barrels of beer were drunk that night, maybe that’s a reflection on how well the party really got started! The Papakata comes into life at night with the glow of the disco lights shining through and the tinkling of the tealights. It was an amazing day, I loved every minute of it and Fiona and James were a fantastic couple to work with. Can we do it all again??!!…………..

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Trish Fawcett, James' mother

Lovely photographs to remind them of their special day, looking forward to viewing the rest.

Absolutely fantastic photo and a fantastic day x

absolutely gorgeous pics I specially like the railway ones of james an fiona an the fields of corn beautiful! ♥

Mark these are amazing! Can’t wait to see the rest, the two of Harlowe are absolutely beautiful 🙂