Yorebridge House on a beautiful summers day was the perfect setting for Jess and Andy’s wedding. Set amongst the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales, Yorebridge House is one of the most perfect wedding venues in Yorkshire. Jess had fallen in love with my work after seeing it from a recommendation from my good friend Louise at Curvy Bridal. So seeing Louise as a guest at the wedding seemed a little strange as we are normally working together rather than her relaxing and enjoying a glass of champagne on the lawns.

Yorebridge House | Yorkshire Dales Wedding | Documentary Wedding Photography

The Yorkshire weather was very kind to us, beautiful blue skies and nice warm weather. Jess and Andy had a wet weather plan in the form of a Papakata tent suitably squeezed onto the front lawn of Yorebridge House. Jess had also planned to walk into the conservatory from the lawns to get married, this was a new idea for Yorebridge House and it looked great for the photos.

Jess was quite emotional walking up the red carpet to get married and I knew how special today was going to be for her. This was mirrored by Andy’s speak, or should we say Andy, the groom formally known as?…… (you had to be there for that joke!!). Andy’s speech was impressive, no script, no notes, just said from the heart and I could tell how much the wedding day meant for them both, but for Andy he was fulfilling his dreams marrying Jess.

As the sun dropped down lower across the Yorkshire Dales landscape we went out to take a few photos around Yorebridge House. Everyone enjoyed the evening sun and the live band playing mixed with some fun gambling on the poker tables.

It really was a pleasure to be part of Jess and Andy’s wedding day. Here are a few photos from the day and the remaining ones will go live in the Client Area very soon. Please leave a comment below if you like the images and join my Facebook page by clicking here.

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