Kim and David’s wedding day at The Great Barn in Aynho was such an amazing experience, so much happiness and emotion with two fantastic people. Weddings do that, they bring people together and this day was one of those despite an unfortunate twist of fate. After yesterdays wedding I have the upmost respect for Kim’s positivity and strength who unfortunately lost her father just before her wedding day. Kim’s words on the day show the love that she lost…….

My dad’s ultimate goal was to walk me down the aisle. This was the reason why he fought for so long as he did, and although he did not achieve his goal, I know without a doubt that he will have spent the whole day with us in spirit”.

And what a day it was! From the start of the day to the end was such an amazing experience. Both Kim and David were amazing to work with, the weather was so kind to us and the venue gave us so many places for great wedding photography. The day was more like a garden party than a formal wedding affair. As the sun came down we borrowed the golf buggy and went around the estate to get some amazing wedding photography. Then as the disco started it was time for a party to celebrate what had been an amazing day. And what a party it was!!

I want to thank both Kim and David for letting me be part of their day. We spoke at great length about how wedding photography was a key part of their day for them, this was something that Kim’s dad also had a passion for. I hope these photos make you smile, relive the day for years to come and most importantly for me, would have made your dad so proud.

Please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this blog, to share the fun and emotion of the day.

Thank you!

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