Stunning venues like The Cloisters in Sorrento make such a beautiful setting for the perfect wedding. The day was a mix of romantic locations, amazing food and a romantic sunset over the island of Capri.

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It was a fantastic return back to Sorrento for me, I first met Becci and Richard last year when they were being shown around the wedding venue that I was working at. It was definitely fate as Becci used to live in the same village as me so when we saw each other there was that “Is it you? What are you doing in Sorrento?” moment!

Becci and Richard chose to work with Don Pedro as their wedding planner in Sorrento and chose Ristorante Villa Caprile as their reception venue. Ristorante Villa Caprile is set on top of the hills overlooking Capri and Ischia, it has views to die for as the sun came down and the party started.

The whole day was a perfect mix of photography around Sorrento, The Cloisters then a great party at Ristorante Villa Caprile which made for a great destination wedding. It was certainly a wedding that everyone will remember and cherish forever.

Here are some of the photos from the day. Please leave a comment or a message to Becci and Richard at the bottom of the blog below and join me on my Facebook page. The full photos from the day will be in the Client Area very soon. Here are a few photos from the day.

Wedding held at the Cloisters in Sorrento. Photography by Valentina WeddingsThe Cloisters Sorrento-2The Cloisters Sorrento-3The Cloisters Sorrento-4The Cloisters Sorrento-5The Cloisters Sorrento-6The Cloisters Sorrento-7The Cloisters Sorrento-8The Cloisters Sorrento-9The Cloisters Sorrento-10The Cloisters Sorrento-11The Cloisters Sorrento-12The Cloisters Sorrento-13The Cloisters Sorrento-14The Cloisters Sorrento-15The Cloisters Sorrento-16The Cloisters Sorrento-17The Cloisters Sorrento-18The Cloisters Sorrento-19The Cloisters Sorrento-20The Cloisters Sorrento-21The Cloisters Sorrento-22The Cloisters Sorrento-23The Cloisters Sorrento-24The Cloisters Sorrento-25The Cloisters Sorrento-26The Cloisters Sorrento-27The Cloisters Sorrento-28The Cloisters Sorrento-29The Cloisters Sorrento-30


Wow! These pictures are amazing! You have really captured the day and I can’t wait to see more. Becci looks stunning!

These look stunning!!! Thanks Mark for all your hard work throughout the day we are both so pleased you were able to be there with us!