Put quite simply documentary wedding photography is about storytelling, showcasing the emotions and the events of your wedding day. Over the years there have been different names for this style and approach ranging from documentary wedding photography, photojournalism or reportage. The core essence is that it is not contrived, needs to be honest, natural and fun. It is candid photography capturing moments as they happen, real moments, real emotions, that captures the moments for the right clients.

So, what makes a dream wedding with dream photographs? Well that is a two way thing, obviously cost is a factor but it is more about the experience and having a relaxed approach to getting the images on your wedding day. If cost is the number one decision factor to your wedding photographer choice, I may not be the person for you.

My photography is about storytelling, capturing the event with full day coverage. I use a zoom lens where possible to give an unobtrusive documentary style so not to impact on your wedding day. I want to capture those candid moments, the groom’s reaction as the bride comes down the aisle, guests laughing whilst drinking a glass of champagne, the grooms head in hands moment as the best man tells those stories!

I photograph with modern fast Canon cameras using a mixture of prime and zoom lenses. I try not to use flash as natural light delivers warmer more evocative images. Often people don’t even know a picture has been taken, or when the bride sees the image she can recall what was said at that time.

A smile on my face, a couple of cameras, a few lenses and my eyes, this is documentary wedding photography, this is how I shoot!

couple embrace