Choosing a wedding photographer is always an important decision for your wedding day. On your day, you want a calm, relaxed person to photograph your wedding rather than a bossy stressed photographer who gave you the cheapest quote and saved you money.

The internet is full of websites that tell brides what they should pay for each type of suppliers including a wedding photographer. Wedding photography is such a personal decision and such a critical one to get right! It is a shame to see couples making such important decisions over cost than quality. I have seen brides who have a predetermined spreadsheet of costs (printed from the internet) and chosen a cheaper photographer so they can still afford the glamorous £700 chocolate wedding cake!

Photography lasts forever and I am fortunate to meet couples who are embarking on a new life together. That new life is also a new journey, so after the chocolate wedding cake has been eaten the wedding album holds the memories. I always tell my clients to expect to budget for between 10-15% of their wedding cost for wedding photography. Working to that ratio you will ensure to get quality from someone you have trust in, who will deliver a stunning album you will treasure forever.

After spending such a great time together photographing the wedding day my clients often keep in touch with me. I often hear from couples that have got married, had a baby and want some new family photos to capture that next stage in their lives. This is where having a slightly cheaper chocolate wedding cake and choosing the photographer whose work really made your heart flutter pays off; you end up with a photographer for life, not just your wedding day!

Helen and Gareth were one of those couples. Photography for them was as important as the amazing wedding venue that they chose in Tuscany Italy. They fell in love with my style of photography, we spoke a lot about their ideas and their wedding plans. It was always going to be an amazing journey to record their start in life together because Italy meant so much to them. Helen and Gareth got married in 2010 as part of our Romantic Italian Wedding packages, then in 2011 Noah was born. I took some baby photos of Noah to record that next stage in their lives together. More recently Arla became the new addition to the family and quite obviously they wanted their wedding photographer back to record the next stage of their lives together.

I met them at their home and in the gardens, we took some photos of the family together and the amazing bond between them. The results are beautiful and just show how important it is to get the right photographer for your wedding day.

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In 2010 the search for our wedding photographer led us to Mark. He captured the magical moments of our big day fantastically. From the telephone planning phase to meeting him in Italy on the day of the wedding, Mark’s calm, understated, easy going but confident approach suited us entirely and it really was a pleasure to have him amongst our family and friends on our special day. Being around people who you can feel comfortable with is so important and translates through the lense.
Three years on and two family photo shoots later, Mark is and will be our first choice photgrapher for many years to come. We have a growing collection of amazing family moments captured by Mark, and that really is priceless.

I couldn’t agree more. As a Birmingham-based photographer I get asked all the time to photograph a wedding ‘cheaply’. One lady who recently got in touch with me told me that her husband-to-be had budgeted £200 for the Wedding Photographer.

The problem is that no matter how much you quote, there is always somebody wiling to undercut you just to get the business. The problem here is not apparent until it’s too late, and the bride and groom get awful pictures.

As photographers, we need to educate people as to why we cost what we do and get people to realise that blurred/out of focus pictures maybe OK on FB after a drunken night out in town, but it’s not how you want your wedding pictures to be.

I agree completely. The emotions and memories Mark captured on our wedding day are priceless to us. What’s more, it was a real pleasure to have him there. I never realised how important this would be but if you aren’t happy and get fed up of posing then it will show in your face. Your photographer will be by your side for much of the day so choose a lovely person whose personality is as impressive as his product.