Both Michelle and Paul were probably my most relaxed clients of the 2016 season, full of fun, so chilled and upon meeting them I knew we would have a great time. Their wedding was solely held within the grounds of Villa San Crispolto. Villa San Crispolto in Italy is a perfect wedding venue set in the rolling hills of Tuscany and overlooking the beautiful Italian Lake Trassimeno. They just wanted to share their day with family and friends and their son Max amongst beautiful surroundings and Villa San Crispolto certainly did that.

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My brief from Michelle was that she hates getting her photo taken and she loved the fact that I worked unobtrusively and mainly with a zoom lens so she did not know her photo was being taken. I still recall “that look” if I got too close with the camera or even suggested a formal posed photo! Great clients, I love to work to that brief especially in such stunning surroundings Villa San Crispolto gives.

We had a great day and both Michelle and Paul were great to work with and here are a few photos from the day, a true documentary style to the photos hopefully without “that look”!

The remaining photos will go live in the Client Area very soon. Please leave a comment below if you like the images and join my Facebook page by clicking here.

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