It has been great to return back to Italy for another Villa Baroncino wedding as part of my Romantic Italian weddings. Getting married in Italy may seem like a daunting task but Marco from Villa Baroncino has made it so simple with his 8 Step Plan to guide you through the process. As I am a UK based photographer gave me the great opportunity to meet up with Zoe at the planning stage of her wedding. We met close to their home in Chester which was a great opportunity for Zoe to look through my wedding albums and portfolio and get to see who the photographer was going to be on the day. As a photographer I spend so much time with the bride and groom on the day that, I feel it is important they feel happy with me and they can relax knowing I will be really chilled on their wedding day. The meeting was a great success and they booked me straight away which was another stage of their 8 Step Plan ticked off.

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The next time we met was in the stunning town of Cortona in Tuscany, the place where they were due to get married. We sat and chatted over a glass of Prosecco about the timings of the day and they showed me places within the beautiful town that they liked and wanted their photographs to be. It was great to chat to them and to see the excitement building for their big day.

Villa Baroncino is a stunning 5 star villa set amongst the rolling hills of Tuscany and looking out over Lake Trassimeno. I spent a little time with the guys in the morning who were messing around in the pool and then went to see Zoe with her bridesmaids. Zoe was the most relaxed bride I have ever known! At one point she was going to be ready ahead of Sav until her bridesmaids smuggled her out of her room to make some final checks on the table layouts.

As the guys set off in convoy for Cortona, Zoe got into her beautiful wedding dress and she looked amazing. She was so keen to get to Cortona to marry Sav and I could see the excitement in her face as she prepared to be driven to Cortona in the wedding car. On time as expected Zoe arrived at the Town Hall in Cortona and made her grand entrance, with a huge smile she walked down the aisle to Sav and their long awaited day was made.

We took the photos at the various locations around Cortona then set off back to the villa for drinks by the pool. The day quickly rolled into the evening and after plenty of amazing Italian food the party started with Alex DJ. The dancing went on well into the night and I said my goodbye around midnight where both Zoe and Sav were still on the dance floor and having a great time.

I wish them every happiness for the future, it has been a great journey since the first meeting in the UK through to their final wedding day in Italy. Here are a few photos from the day and the remaining ones will go live in the Client Area very soon. Please leave a comment below if you like the images and join my Facebook page by clicking here.

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