It was a welcome return back to Italy for me after last being here a few weeks ago. After flying into Italy I made the drive down into Tuscany for a week of destination weddings, the first of which was Krissie and Gary who got married in the stunning Villa San Crispolto. The story of them choosing Villa San Crispolto was quite a nice one, they had done some research on the internet for places to get married in Italy and Tuscany and found the Romantic Italian Weddings website. They were then personally recommended about my wedding photography and were overjoyed to find out that I was also a recommended photographer for Romantic Italian Weddings. I think that is what is called a marriage made in heaven, and so they booked.


There really is no better surroundings than Italy for your wedding photography, especially Tuscany. The day started very relaxed with both Krissie and Gary taking everything in their stride as the day unfolded. The guys went into Cortona with the guests quite early to give them some time to have a coffee on the square at Cortona before the ceremony. I remained with Krissie and the bridesmaids for those last few bridal preparations before joining everyone at the Town Hall to wait for the bride.

When Krissie turned up in the wedding car with her parents at her side she looked amazing. The roof of the car was down and you could see the smile and excitement as she approached the town square. The ceremony was fantastic and followed with some photos in the streets of Cortona before returning back to Villa San Crispolto for drinks by the pool and canapés.

The food at a wedding in Italy is a grand affair and Krissie and Gary’s food did not disappoint, it was amazing. The wedding breakfast lasted into the evening with many small and incredible tasting courses served with some amazing wine. We took a break during on the of courses for some sunset shots on the pier by the lake. Krissie and Gary had an amazing Italian wedding and they are clearly head over heals in love. Another marriage made in heaven, I would say so!

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Fantastic, words can’t describe how good the photography is and what is even more amazing mark and team were invisible and made it seem effortless in capturing the most beautiful amazing wedding in the most romantic setting of San Crispolto Italy. Thanks to Mark for creating picture memories of the most wonderful day of our daughter Krissie’ s wedding to her handsome beau and our new son, Gary. Can’t wait to see more. Dave and Moira White