Middleton Lodge Wedding- Yorkshire Wedding Venue

It was a welcome return for me to Middleton Lodge which is one of my favourite wedding venues in Yorkshire. It is a subtle venue, relaxed, amazing setting and a place where you can always get some amazing wedding photographs. Liz and Ross were also a great couple, very chilled, relaxed and fun so I knew it was going to be a great day. Liz was always going to make beautiful photos, she was a bundle of fun as well and she had a great time with the girls getting ready in the morning. I will never forget this wedding as Liz realised her wedding shoes were a little bigger than expected so to ensure they did not fall of she sellotaped them to her feet!! As I said, Liz is certainly one to remember 😉

The guys were equally as chilled and one of the groomsmen had underestimated the strength of the Peroni served at Middleton Lodge’s Cellar Bar the night before. We got some cool shots of the  Ross and the guys then I returned back to Liz for her to leave to the church. The church was lit beautifully by the low autumn sun and a real excitement gathered in anticipation of the brides arrival. I am pleased to say that Liz made it down the aisle without any shoe sellotape malfunctions and you could really see the connection between Liz and Ross as their eyes met for the first time at the alter.

The relaxed atmosphere continued throughout the day and the party continued well into the evening. You can see the rest of the wedding photographs in the Client Area of the website. I will be returning for more weddings at Middleton Lodge and I look forward to it as it is one of my favourite wedding venues in Yorkshire.

Wedding at Middleton Lodge in Yorkshire. Photography by Valentina Weddings.Middleton-Lodge-002Middleton-Lodge-004Middleton-Lodge-005Middleton-Lodge-006Middleton-Lodge-007Middleton-Lodge-008Middleton-Lodge-009Middleton-Lodge-010Middleton-Lodge-011Middleton-Lodge-012Middleton-Lodge-013Middleton-Lodge-014Middleton-Lodge-015Middleton-Lodge-016Middleton-Lodge-017Middleton-Lodge-018Middleton-Lodge-019Middleton-Lodge-020