Oh what a night! Working with Patrick and Katie was always going to be fun and they certainly met my expectations yesterday at Wood Hall. Katie is a real livewire, full of energy and such a stunning bride to work with. Patrick looks on with a cool smile, they are both great people to work with on their day at Wood Hall Hotel and Spa.

Yorkshire Wedding Venue | Wood Hall | Wedding Photography

The wedding and reception was all at Wood Hall which made the day a lot more relaxed and something I know was important for both Patrick and Katie. The only thing that we could not influence on the day was the weather, although there was an offer of a double whiskey from Katie to anyone who could make the sun come out!

Katie was a little nervous on the morning but with the support of her five bridesmaids (and a glass of champagne) she managed to get over the nerves. She looked stunning and brought a tear to her dad’s eye when he saw her for the first time.

As Katie came down the aisle you could feel the love and fun in the air, they certainly are a perfect match. After the ceremony we got the long list of formal photos done in between the showers. Katie was great to brave the showers for some photos of her and Patrick. I worked quickly before there was a quick dash back into the reception before it rained again.

So did it stop raining??…. Yes it did! Katie I think you owe me that double whiskey!!!

Here are some of the photos from the day. Please leave a comment or a message to Katie and Patrick at the bottom of the blog below and join me on my Facebook page. The full photos from the day will be in the Client Area very soon. Enjoy!

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