Villa Baroncino was the perfect setting for Graham and Naiobh’s wedding yesterday. As part of my Romantic Italian Wedding photography package Villa Baroncino is set amongst the rolling hills in Tuscany with lake views into the distance. It is a stunning gated villa, that is the perfect location for your Italian destination wedding.

Romantic Italian Wedding | Villa Baroncino | Italy | Destination Wedding

The speeches revealed the story of why Italy was the final destination for Graham and Naiobh’s wedding. They were at a friends wedding at another Tuscany wedding Villa San Crispolto some four years earlier, they both fell in love with the area and vowed to return one day.

Graham told the story how a couple of years after that he had planned a perfect proposal in Italy. Weeks before the trip he had been making plans with their favourite restaurant and that was the place he had chosen to propose. After many secret phone calls, all plans were in place and Naiobh just thought she was going on an Italian holiday. He had selected the engagement ring from a local jeweller that was important to them and hid it into his jacket pocket. His plan was very nearly was exposed when Graham had to go through the metal detector at the airport and kept beeping with the engagement ring still in his pocket! A quiet word in the security guards ear kept the secret and Naiobh flew on with no idea what lay ahead.

Their special proposal night was a sole candlelit table with the greatest of views and a bottle of champagne ready on ice at the table. Looking at how nervous Graham was for his wedding speech, I can only imaging how tense he must have been during that meal. The champagne flowed, it was the perfect night, and of course Naiobh said yes!

The next stage of Graham’s Italian proposal trip was to meet Marco out in Tuscany and to visit Villa Baroncino. As they drove up the long lavender lined drive of the villa they both knew this had to be their wedding day venue. About two years later there we were, having one of the most magical weddings for a long time. Graham and Naiobh are fantastic people and it was fantastic to be part of their special wedding day. I truly wish them every happiness for the future. Here are a few photos from the day, the remaining photos will be in my Client Area very soon.

Please leave a comment at the bottom of this blog, both Graham and Naiobh will also be able to see your kind words.

Wedding at Villa Baroncino, Italy. Wedding Photography by Valentina Weddings.Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-002Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-003Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-004Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-005Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-006Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-007Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-008Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-009Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-010Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-011Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-012Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-013Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-014Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-015Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-016Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-017Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-018Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-019Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-020Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-021Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-022Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-023Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-024Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-025Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-026Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-027Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-028Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-029Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-030Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-031Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-032Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-033Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-034Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-035Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-037Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-038Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-039Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-040Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-041Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-042Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-043Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-044Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-045Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-046Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-047Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-048Villa-Baroncino-Italy-Wedding-049


Hi Mark,

What a beautiful blog post! Naiobh came to us for her wedding dress and your photos certainly do it justice. We would love to use some of your photos on our website and Facebook if that would be possible?

Many thanks,

Mark, just wanted to say what an absolutely amazing time I had shooting this wedding alongside you in Italy. Probably one of the best weeks I’ve ever had, and like Graham said, “wish we could do it all over again”. It was an exhilarating experience, one that will be extremely hard to beat. If future weddings are half as good as this one, I’ll be very happy indeed. Well done to Graham & Naiobh for making history!

Fabulous photos Mark, you managed to capture so many special and unique moments, Looking forward to seeing the rest!

Amazing photographs which have captured the day/atmosphere brilliantly! Pleasure meeting you Mark.

Thank you,

Mark – excellent photos- clear to see that everyone had a ball! Look forward to seeing the rest in due course.

The photos are absolutely amazing! What a great job! I can’t wait to see Naiobh and Graham’s album when it arrives!

Margaret Chalmers

Atmosphere is just exuding from these photographs Mark, amazing!
Your detailed preparation beforehand has very much paid off in making Graham and Naiobh so comfortable with you. Thank you.
(Grahams Mum)

Hi Mark, some wonderful pictures you made there at sunset. Congratulazione to Graham and Naiobh, yours really was a memorable wedding…

Mark- the photo’s are great! Thank you soooo much for making it so easy. Naiobh and I really appreciate it. It was such a great day! Wish we could do it all over again.

Wonderful. WONDERFUL. Utterly enchanting pictures of naiobh and graham. Magical moments and memories. This is the art of love x