Gemma and Paul chose the amazing Villa San Crispolto in Tuscany, Italy as their wedding venue. It is one of my Romantic Italian Wedding venues and is amongst the olive groves overlooking Lake Trasimeno in Tuscany. It is one of my favourite wedding venues and I always look forward to returning to it, however this time it was a little different!….

Villa San Crispolto Wedding

Gemma is a friend, ex-model, derby roller skater and a photographer. It is always adds a bit more pressure to work for a friend, but to work for a photographer friend who has their own style and feel for images is quite a challenge. Gemma’s photography style is a little different to my documentary style and is more of a magazine fashion look. The wedding day encompassed a year of planning and working with Gemma to find “the look” she wanted for her photos. We worked together sharing her online mood board to share ideas of images between each other.

Gemma arrived at Villa San Crispolto with her friends and family and fell in love with the beauty of the villas surroundings. We met the following day and after a review of the planned images with a bottle of Prosecco (it helps the creative process!) we were satisfied of the photos we were going to achieve. The following day we met in Cortona town and walked the streets to plan where we would do the photographs and finalise all the plans.

The wedding itself was just perfect, I was with Gemma and Paul from the bridal preparation shots right all the way through to the evening. I have never shots so many locations and different styles but we had great time. It was a crazy day with photos on a Vespa scooter, the bridesmaids with ice-cream, roller skating on the lake pier then the girls ending up jumping into the pool with their dresses on! Gemma could not get enough of the camera and after maxing out my memory cards it was time to kick back with a Peroni and join the party!

To see all the photos from the day you can click on the Client Area.

Wedding held at Villa san crispolto in Italy. Photography by Valentina Weddings.





















I can’t say enough to thank you Mark. You managed to keep me completely calm and confident on the run up to the day, which is not easy considering that the photography was more important than my dress to me! You was open to discussing ideas but was just as willing to tell me when something was not achievable. Then you tried it anyway! You risked your life literally by chasing me across a level train crossing and you managed to make Paul smile properly! Thank you thank you thank you, for pouring so much energy into my photographs and for blending your professional opinion with your knowledge of my quirks, to achieve photos that are literally breath taking. Massive high five to you dude! 🙂