It was nice to return back to Aldwark Manor for some more Yorkshire wedding photography. Rachel and Jordon chose the beautiful church at Aldwark, followed by their wedding reception at Aldwark Manor.  Their day set off with an early start to capture the girls getting ready, they all looked amazing and I got some fantastic shots. I joined the guys later in the day as they enjoyed a beer before heading off to church.

Yorkshire Wedding Photography

Rachel had planned a surprise for Jordan, which was a stunning old car to take her to the church, then to have a drive in the country after the wedding. The car looked fantastic as it arrived at the church with the roof down and a huge smile from Rachel.

Inside the church Jordon looked a little nervous as Rachel arrived to come down the aisle, but that soon disappeared when he saw how beautiful she was. As they drove away from the church for their drive in the country all the guests returned back to Aldwark Manor for more wedding celebrations. The day rolled into the evening and with some great music the party really started.

It was a fantastic day, here are a few photos from the day. Please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page and to see the remaining photos click on the Client Area.

Wedding photography at Aldwark Manor by Valentina Weddings