Valentina Weddings- FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions

How many photographs do I get in my album?

That is a question that I hear very often and the simple answer is as many as you want! There are a lot of photographers that will give you a reduced price for an album containing, say 30 prints, then each print after that will cost you £10. This is a common sales pitch called “upselling”, you buy a product because you think it is cheap then you are hit with extra costs later on to achieve the finished result.

That style of selling is not the way I work. I don’t want you to return from honeymoon to an unbudgeted extra cost of £300 or more. With my albums you can put as many pictures into the album as you wish. Some album pages may have one photo on, others could have nine (great for the speeches!). I have to put a parameter to my prices so all the albums come with either 12 pages (24 sides) or 15 pages (30 sides) and you can put as many photos in the album as you wish. Extra pages can be added if you wish, however most clients find a 12 or 15 page combination more than enough to display their photos.

Are there any extra costs to your package prices, do your prices include VAT?

All my prices are fully inclusive of VAT and there are no hidden costs.

Do your packages include full day coverage from bridal preparations to first dace?

Yes it does! Another way photographers add hidden extra costs is to have packages that last 6, 8 or 10 hours with extra hours at a large fee like £150 per hour. Your wedding day will run on longer than expected, the bride might be late, the speeches may run over. You have enough to think about on your wedding day without worrying about having to pay the photographer more money if you run late.

My packages cover from bridal preparations to first dance. I normally stay a little bit after that to capture people on the dance floor then let the digital cameras take over! As the night progresses, relax, have a glass of champagne and enjoy yourself on the dance floor!

Do I give you a list of family photographs that we want?

My photography style is to capture fun, relaxed photos for your wedding album. There is always a requirement to capture what I call “the mantelpiece shots”, these are the more formal line ups that usually end up on your parents mantelpiece or on a shelf. I would encourage you to keep these to a minimum, maybe immediate families and a group shot of everyone. If you task an usher to gather everyone together that will speed the process up leaving more time for you to enjoy some champagne with your friends and family.

How many images will I get and how many images can I have in my album?

I will present to you about 350+ images. All of those images will be processed to enhance the colours and make them look their best. Any corrections can be made if required such as teeth whitening, blemish removal, even eye swaps if someone has their eyes closed! Typically I would ask you to choose approximately 80 photographs for the wedding album, this number can change depending on the style and size of the album. I will work with you through the album design stage to get the best from your photographs.

Do we have to feed you as part of the day?

You don’t have to, however most couples request the kitchen to allocate a main course or some sandwiches for me to have. Whilst you are having your meal it gives me some time to find a quiet corner and review what I have taken up to that time. It also gives you some time to relax without getting your picture taken.

How much deposit do I need to pay you to secure the date and when is the balance due?

To secure your date there is a deposit of £500 which can be paid by cheque or bank transfer. The final balance is payable one month prior to your wedding. You can pay by credit cards however we do have to pass on the credit card charge, which is currently an additional 4% charge.

It would be great to meet you and discuss your wedding day in more detail. If there is distance between us we can chat using Skype or FaceTime. Any further questions do not hesitate to contact me.